So What Is The Young Millionaires Bible Exactly?

The Young Millionaires Bible was born because of a topic that has been addressed over the years by great financial wealth gurus such as the great Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and T.Harv,Eker (who has made his money by writing and talking about success and motivation). Today T. Harv is 60 and Robert Kiyosaki is 67 and while they have extremely strong concepts and theories they were and are writing for a  generation that are in the prime of their careers and possibly looking to retire soon.

Lets be quite frank. The world has changed significantly over the past 3-4 decades, the workplace has changed in the last 3-4 decades and more importantly the working demographic has shifted completely in the last 3-4 decades. By 2025 75 percent of the workforce will be made up of Millenials (defined as those born starting in 1981) and many of those will either be business owners or in very senior positions in their company.

So what does this mean? You are now between the age of 25-33 and you are either working your way up the corporate ladder, making some good headway in the corporate world. Or like many millienials you are trying to find where you belong and while you are very good at what you do it may not be what you one day want to be. You find yourself at the end of each year trying to justify why you are worth between 10 and 20% more to a company that cares very little about where you will be in 10 years time, while trying to work through the every day problems of increased cost and managing debt.

We started this site just for you. is passionate about empowering young people to financial freedom and success and we want to show that you are able to become a millionaire or at least very successful with a mediocre salary or no salary at all. Sounds like a pipedream? It isn’t.

Our philosophy is based on these 4 simple principles which can empower anyone to financial freedom and success:

  1. Your financial equation is the definition of your success or your failure
  2. Passive income is the most important source of income for anyone in the world today.
  3. You do not need a million dollar idea to become a millionaire.
  4. You do not have to play by the “Rules” of life.

Now you may be saying: the above is all great and sounds alright but what does any of that actually mean?

What it means is if you have more money coming in than going out (Your financial equation) and you keep adding more income to this equation then quite inevitably you will become a millionaire or at least financially free. This will mean you build the life you want for you and your family and while we aren’t saying that money=happiness we are saying that money will empower you to make your life easier.

What we can absolutely guarantee is that if you buy into the principles of The Young Millionaire’s Bible and if you can turn your financial equation into a positive, that you will inevitably become financially free and successful.

Like what you hear? Why not start here with the most essential and our number 1 rule, the financial equation and how you work out what your own financial equation is.


An Extract from The Young Millionaires Bible

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