Philosophy 4 – You do not have to play by the “Rules” of life – because the “Rules” of life are wrong.

So we have touched on the other 3 philosophies of the Young Millionaires Bible but we have yet to touch on the 4th and possibly the more confusing of the 4 philosophies. The truth is: you do not have to play by the rules of life. And the reason for this is: the rules of life are wrong.

Life rules

Think about it?

We live in a world governed by governments and politicians and while entrepreneurship is possibly the best thing for an economy schools and universities aren’t encouraging it. Instead from an early age, we are taught to love a specific “job” to find something that is both fulfilling to us as individuals but also makes money. Now in principle that would be fine if we knew what the perfect “Job” was, that is both extremely satisfying to work in but also rakes in millions of dollars a year. But until we have worked in the Real World how is it possible to know what your dream job is? And without the proper education and degree how will you ever be qualified enough to experience or work in your perfect job?

The above illustrates probably the most perfect paradox of our lives: “We need to study hard to obtain a degree that will allow us to perform our perfect job – but you have no way in knowing what the perfect job is without studying” so in essence the day we decide what to study we are basically “guessing” what we are going to do for the rest of our lives, only to find that the real world is very different to the beautiful garden that varsity leads us to believe.

There is of course exceptions to the rule above and there are many people working in the world today that absolutely love what they do and also earn a decent living from it. But even these people have area’s of their working life that they would like to change and lets be honest even doctors have to do paperwork .


So what do we do? We cheat.

But how do we cheat? By acknowledging that the system by its very nature is flawed and instead of following the path so carefully mapped out for us, we take a few shortcuts. Instead of the varsity degree being your absolute everything view the varsity degree as an advantage that you have over everyone else. More specifically instead of becoming what you studied, use what you studied to become a great success and make a difference in the world.

A quick comparison – a high earning accountant, working for the perfect organisation, with the best work “perks” and great parking has the power to change the lives of their family and perhaps their close friends and if they were extremely successful they might even influence generations of their family to come. But how many people does that actually help? 50? 100? 1000? – Compare this to Richard and Maurice Macdonald, the founders of Mcdonalds. They have not only earned enough money for friends and family but have also been able to touch peoples lives in over 119 countries worldwide.

So amazingly starting your own company does not only mean you and your family will be more successful and prosperous but you will also be able to help hundreds of other less privileged people to make a living for their family. It may not be as successful as Mcdonalds…

But it could be.

The point is that we have all been taught to work for someone. Even from a young age being asked what you want to be when you grow up, when really the real money and success lies in starting something yourself. This does not mean you need a million dollar idea to be a millionaire. Read this article which elaborates on passive income,

You do not need to wait till you are 30 years old, 40 years old till you are 50 years old!

Start cheating the rules of life today and make a difference in your life and in other peoples lives.

An Extract From The Young Millionaires Bible

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