The youngest South African $Millionaires

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Last year we launched a campaign to see where the majority of our followers were from – South Africa had the most comments and shares and as such we went and found an inspirational article featuring 6 young South Africans making it big in the world.



So, if you’re not already feeling pretty useless, here are a few guys who’ve done a hell of a lot more in a very short time than most of us will. See, while most young South Africans are more concerned with joining a some entitled ‘freedom fight’ for quite honestly privileges they’ve done nothing to deserve, these okes have been using their noggins and building insane careers.

Without further ado, we present to you a bunch of clever kids.

Rupert Bryant


Age: 25

Ok, this sounds like something out of a nineties movie, but Rupert has been running his own web development company since the age of 14. At 16 his buddy asked him to jump in on a joint venture and now he’s the chief operating officer of the ISP Web Africa. IN case you were wondering, they started Web Africa with nada and built it into a R130 million a year business.

Justin Stanford

Justin Stanford

Age: 28

A true man of our time, Justin is a venture capitalist who never even finished school. After two failed businesses — all this before he was 21 even — he finally got the ball rolling with the internet security package ESET. Having successfully penetrated around 20 African markets with the product he now heads up his own venture capital firm 4Di Capital.

Vusi Thembekwayo 



Officially the continent’s best keynote speaker — he won this accolade at the age of 17, yes, 17 — and owner of South Africa’s first black-owned forensic marketing agency by the age of 21; Vusi went on to become the youngest director of a R17 billion a year company. What a mouthful. Vusi currently runs his own specialist consulting firm, MOTIV8… not a very catchy name, but hey you can’t have it all can you?

Jonathan Liebmann 


Age: 28

Ever been to the Maboneng precinct? Well then you’ve shopped around and eaten in the brainchild of Liebmann. His property development company, Propertuity built the whole place. Now, instead of an entire city rotting away at the core, it’s just most of the Johannesburg CBD.

Ashley Uys 


Age: 29

Uys’ company, Medical Diagnostech, makes affordable medical test kits for use in rural parts of Africa. Did you say affordable, why yes… at just R4 per kit, you can test for malaria, pregnancy, syphilis, and HIV/Aids. Testing for malaria is kinda important in Africa, as it still kills more people than most other diseases on the continent, and Ashley’s kit can do it in 30mins.

Ludwick Marishane 


Age: 22

We saved the best for last, the very best. Marishane, born in Limpopo — quite possibly the only good thing to ever come from that province other than mangoes — has been voted the best student entrepreneur in the world by the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation. He’s been inventing sh*t all his life, but, like his biodiesel idea, not everything worked out. What did work, however, is a product called DryBath. DryBath uses next to no water and disinfects. Oh and if that’s not cool enough, Google named him as one of the most intelligent young brains in the universe. Take that Bembridge scholars!

There you have it. If you’ve not done any of these things, you’re useless and should just give up. Kidding, these guys are to be admired and should serve as an inspiration to us all to be better every day. Unless you’re in government, in which case we’ll reward your mediocrity.

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