Calling over Whatsapp is it cheaper than the Cell Phone Networks?

In a bold move WhasApp the leading app for instant messaging have introduced the ability to make call’s by allowing Android users to establish a call using the latest version of the App. This uses typically 470 kilobytes (KB) per minute but is it typically cheaper than the established mobile networks?


Below is a table put together by which breaks the costing down into per minute costs. This is then compared to the current Voice rate and the data bundles that are currently available.

WhatsApp vs mobile voice per minute Cell C MTN Telkom Vodacom
Cheapest voice rate (all) 66c 60c 75c 79c
2GB data bundle 11c 6.6c 6.6c 11.2c
1GB data bundle 13.4c (see 2GB) 10.6c 13.4c
500MB data bundle 15.6c 18.2c 12.6c 18.2c
100MB data bundle 17.4c 26.6c 27.6c 26.6c
Ad-hoc / OOB data 90.8c 90.8c 26c – 92c 92c – R1.84

If we merely glance at the table we can see that at 17.4c per minute on the most expensive bundle on the most expensive network that Whatsapp Calls are the future and that mobile networks are at great risk. There is talk in the market that the cellphone networks might make it difficult to use the service but is that simply delaying what is an inevitable storm for them?

An extract from the YoungMillionairesBible


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